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Our valuable team

Carys O'Shea Letting Negotiator carys.oshea@cavendishproperty.co.uk New starter
Layla Evenden Lettings layla.evenden@cavendishproperty.co.uk Almost 3 years service
Sam Barker Head of Sales and Lettings sam.barker@cavendishproperty.co.uk 9 months service
Lisa Dahl Senior Valuer and Lettings Negotiator lisa.dahl@cavendishproperty.co.uk 6+ years service
Ellie Steel Property Management ellie.steel@cavendishproperty.co.uk 6+ months service
Gary Pringle Head of Maintenance gary.pringle@cavendishproperty.co.uk 9 years service
Scott Sneath General Manager scott.sneath@cavendishproperty.co.uk 6+ years service
Jessica Brookes Letting Negotiator jessica.brookes@cavendishproperty.co.uk New starter
Sheralyn Baker Maintenance sheralyn.baker@cavendishproperty.co.uk 2 years service
Ali Baylav Managing Director ali.baylav@cavendishproperty.co.uk 13+ years service
Jessica Dann Lettings jessica.dann@cavendishproperty.co.uk 9+ years service
Henry Lowe Property Management henry.lowe@cavendishproperty.co.uk 3 years service
Joe Valentine Head of Property Management joe.valentine@cavendishproperty.co.uk Almost 8 years service.
Georgina Inkley Sales georgina.inkley@cavendishproperty.co.uk 3+ years service
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