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⚡ 20 BUYERS CHASING EACH PROPERTY FOR SALE whilst the STOCK SHORTAGE continues đŸ€·‍♀ Download latest report from Propertymark here đŸ“© https://hood.azureedge.net/cavendish/site/1294bf5c-fbc1-47c0-aef9-15884b3f1fcb.pdf 

📱 Published 28th October 2021 - The HEADLINES from Propertymark's LATEST report: 🗞

➡ Majority of homes agreed sales at the original asking price đŸ€
➡ This is a shift away from properties predominantly selling for OVER asking price in August 📉
➡ In September, 27% of homes agreed ABOVE asking price (was 37% in August) 📊
➡ NOTE: before March 2021 it had been the norm for the majority of properties to agree sales at UNDER asking price! 🙄
➡ The average number of sales agreed per branch increased by 22% from August to 11 per branch đŸ’č
➡ That's despite the Stamp Duty Holiday end in sight đŸš«
➡ Sales to first-time buyers remained steady at 27%, Buy-to-Let investor sales fell to 9% (from 11% in August) đŸ”» 
➡ The number of properties available per branch = 23 🏡
➡ LOW STOCK CONTINUES: year-on-year this is the lowest figure ever on record for the month of September (was 41 in September 2020) 👇
➡ Reasons can be attributed to high demand from buyers meaning that properties are being snapped up faster than new ones coming to market 📾
➡ Number of buyers per branch up to 458 (from 435 in August) 🔍
➡ Which means, on average 20 buyers for every available property on the market đŸ˜Č

DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT HERE: https://hood.azureedge.net/cavendish/site/1294bf5c-fbc1-47c0-aef9-15884b3f1fcb.pdf  đŸ“© 

Comment from Nathan Emerson MNAEA MARLA MNAEA(comm) CEO at Propertymark:

💬 "Sales being agreed has increased, but the number of sales achieving over the asking price has reduced, meaning we may start to see an end to the bidding wars that have been so prevalent"⚠

💬 "Although the number of properties available to buy is lower than we have seen before in September, it hasn’t dropped since August meaning that just enough properties are coming to market to satisfy demand" 👍

🙋‍♀ All these BUYERS with the means to purchase at RECORD LEVELS - WONDERING how much your home would sell for?

Get in touch, our EXPERTS will let you know đŸŠč‍â™€ïžđŸŠž‍♂


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Posted 02 November 2021
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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