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đŸ€·‍♀ Okay, I need a smoke alarm for each floor but do I need a carbon monoxide detector too? 🚒

➡ Landlord must be aware of the forthcoming changes to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 🧯
➡ They could come into effect as soon as Autumn 2022 📜
Since 1 October 2015, Landlords required to fit a smoke alarm on every floor ✅ 
➡ Under current regulations, carbon monoxide alarms are to be fitted only in rooms where solid fuel is burnt: such as wood, coal (including open fires) đŸ”„
➡ It does not include gas, oil or LPG đŸš«
➡ Landlords must ensure that the alarms work at the start of each new Tenancy 👍

UK Government plans to extend the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015, key changes expected are:

🆕 Carbon monoxide alarms will be mandatory in rooms with a fixed combustion appliance (this includes gas or oil boilers, gas fires, wood-burners, but excludes gas cookers) ✔
🆕 In any home, when a new fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers) is installed, a carbon monoxide alarm will be required by law 🔔
🆕 Landlords will be legally obliged to repair or replace alarms once informed that they are faulty (although testing will remain the occupier’s responsibility) 🛠

🚹 If you are not compliant with current regulations you should begin installation and repair of these alarms immediately! 🚹

â„č More information can be found here: https://lnkd.in/e8i855S9 đŸ”

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Posted 22 April 2022
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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