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Ali Baylav and Johnny Taylor. Talking to these two makes you glad they met. As Cavendish Residential’s very first landlord, Johnny was part of the story literally from day one, and a bond was created that goes much further than business.

Before founding Cavendish Residential, Ali was an integral cog at another estate agency and managed Johnny’s property portfolio. When that agency decided to close its doors, Johnny was left with properties to manage. Ali had three choices: find a job at another agency, work full-time in the restaurant he co-owned, or open his own estate agency. With so much experience and passion in the property industry, the latter was the obvious choice, and he was encouraged by someone who had a lot of faith in him.

Johnny was soon at Ali’s door with his property portfolio, wanting the expertise and professionalism Ali had provided over the past years to continue.

When Johnny talks of his time as a Cavendish Residential landlord he really can’t speak highly enough of the experience. With multiple properties under their management you might think he would have been a regular visitor at the office, but no.

“I didn’t need to go to the office. Cavendish made life very easy. Everything was so well managed by the team that I just needed to check my bank account once a month, which is always exactly as it should be. Any problems with my properties were resolved quickly and smoothly by the in-house maintenance department. Tenants never needed to get in touch with me personally and there were never void periods between lettings. The only time I went to the office was for the Christmas party!”

Cavendish Residential, originally Cavendish Lettings, managed Johnny’s properties until he made the decision to sell on his portfolio. The team helped and supported him with his exit strategy. Being solely a lettings agency at the time, they worked closely with a carefully selected selling agent to ensure Johnny’s sales went as smoothly as possible.

Although the business side of the relationship may have ended, Johnny and Ali continue to get together once a month over a meal. As Johnny still has a number of commercial properties, they exchange industry stories and Johnny remains the great friend and mentor to Ali that he’s been since he began his career.

“I really can’t recommend Cavendish Residential enough. Ali has got such an engaging personality and this reflects in the way he runs his business. He has gone from success to success and I can’t count the number of times I’ve personally recommended him to fellow landlords.”

Johnny will always be special to Cavendish Residential because he was their first landlord, who remained a significant client for a number of years. But this story reproduces itself time and time again with Ali and his team. ‘Building lasting relationships’ is one of the core values of Cavendish Residential and the story of Johnny and Ali proves that it always has been since the very first day.

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Posted 09 January 2020
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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