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Dear reader, as always - first and foremost, I hope you're well and staying safe. 

Before I start this newsletter, I want to say I'm over the moon to be able to introduce our team 'faces to names' section at the end of the article - it means a lot to us to be able to offer a personal service, so it makes absolute sense that you can see the people you've been receiving calls and emails from over the years! 

We've all been doing good since the lock-down when it was imposed - having said this, I'll be really honest in admitting that it has been challenging! 

In this newsletter, I will be giving you some headline stats on how we have performed over the last few weeks and share with you the importance we all put into looking after you as our valued customers (in particular our emphasis on listening to your thoughts and comments).

As always, updates on other areas will be sent out in due course.

Over £350,000 of property rent collected during lock-down and other headline stats

hands typing on a laptop

Performing under these conditions is certainly not ideal, we are all working incredibly hard in reading up on the latest guidance (pretty much every day for the last 4 weeks), collating the information from the right sources, sharing ideas and building new systems from scratch, rolling out into our teams and then monitoring whether everything is running like a well oiled machine - a big ask under normal conditions, but to top it all off we are doing it remotely!

Just shows, everything is possible - because our ability to shift and adapt a new way of working has resulted in:   

  • £354,404.72 COLLECTED in rents
  • Carried out 42 VIRTUAL viewings
  • Completed 14 NEW Tenancies 
  • 12 Tenancy RENEWALS signed 
  • 11 Out of Hours EMERGENCY calls attended to 
  • 23 ESSENTIAL maintenance jobs completed 

So, we are most definitely OPEN ONLINE and it's 24/7! 

Our focus is on customer retention and building deeper relationships

cavdendish residential staff member shaking hands with customer

As mentioned above, to achieve these stats has taken significant time and dedication by all of our team, we are committed to making things happen. 

Whilst remote working has given us the ability to run our service, we have had to get together as a group to decide which areas need the most amount of focus - these are unprecedented times, the environment under which we operate is changing so quickly that we simply cannot afford to take our eye off the ball. 

For us, it is the time to focus on our current customers, to build deeper relationships, ensure the safety of all Tenants and protect our Landlords legally, whilst maximising their income.

It is the time for us to be ourselves and demonstrate the honest, hospitable and warm culture that we, as a team have all helped build over the years.  

We didn't want to run a remote service which spread itself thin, trying to be a master of all trades when actually, all of our energy should be here, with you, crossing "t"s, dotting "i"s and simply making things work.  

Links to previous newsletters and your comments

the words join the discussion inside a hanging speech bubble

Your thoughts and opinions are very important to us - whilst these newsletters go some way into keeping you posted on what we are doing for you, it would be great to hear from you about what else we could be doing: please click here to see previous newsletters and share your thoughts.  

And on a lighter note... Here's a puzzle to work on whilst isolating

cartoon drawing of a man with a lightbulb next to his head

Even though we have an organisational structure for our people within the business, I have always believed that we are all of equal importance - so instead of positioning the 'face to names' column images in seniority from the top, I have come up with something different.

So, if you're isolating and are looking for something to do: see if you can work out the order!

Faces to names and who to contact

Head of Sales and Lettings
9 months service
Contact me for: Investments, Licensing and any questions about Lettings and Sales as I am responsible for supervising both of these departments.

Head of Maintenance 
Almost 9 years service
Contact me for: Safety Regulations, quotes for any job you need doing (even if it's in your current home) - I do my best to be up to speed on all Maintenance works.

Almost 3 years service
Contact me for: Tenant referencing, any other updates on your new Tenancy prior to check-in plus general Lettings queries.

General Manager 
6+ years service
Contact me for: All banking enquiries, rental payments, complaints or any query where you're not sure who to write to - I oversee all departments.

Property Manager 
3 years service  
Contact me for: Deposit returns and adjudication, Notice for Possession Orders, Property Inspections and utility enquiries.

3+ years service
Contact me for: When you have a property you would like to sell or if you wish to buy a property. Also, if you have any questions on how your sale is progressing.

Almost 10 years service
Contact me for: Questions on Tenancy Renewals and the nitty gritty of Tenancy Agreements plus any other general lettings enquiries.

Almost 2 years service
Contact me for: Help with finding the right contractors, quotes for any repair big or small, updates on ongoing maintenance works and information regarding PAT testing, smoke alarms and other safety compliance.

6+ years service
Contact me for: All new Landlord enquiries, up-to-date rental figures in Nottingham (rental valuations), discuss new projects/developments and their projected income and expenses.

Property Management
6+ months service
Contact me for: Copies of documentation such as Tenancy Agreements, Inventories, Property Inspection Reports or the registration of utilities and Council Tax.

Head of Property Mgt
Almost 8 years service
Contact me for: Enquiries about Deposit payments, help with the adjudication of Deposits, if you would like an unscheduled Property Visit, any other query relating to Inventories, Inspections and our Check-out Procedure.

A personal note from me

Remember how I said that we have been reading and reading and reading about the endless amount of changes going on... Well, you never know what you're going to come across... Global coach Josh Phegan shared this analogy, I would like to share it with you:  

If you as the Landlord of today, could press a button on an app on your phone which meant that your property would be let out, to the right Tenant, with a great return, not had to worry about a thing, all essential and non-essential maintenance handled, to not deal with a single problem and if all this could be done seamlessly where the only human interaction was a quarterly, '"Hey Hugh, how you doing?" call from us, I'm thinking... you'd press that button!

So for us, the question is: how do we make the button?...
Good news: what we are putting into place today is the button. What we are creating is going to be part of our NEW NORMAL - let’s not waste a single day because what we do now and the way that we work, will determine how successful we are in future.

Through good times and bad, Cavendish Residential has always been here, consistently striving to see our clients through and when we are back after the lock-down... I am confident we will emerge SUPER READY to continue doing what we do best. 

As always, I will keep you posted on the measures we have put in place to help protect all parties whilst ensuring your investment is performing well. In the meantime, if you would like more information about our Coronavirus Policy and changes, please email our General Manager Scott (scott.sneath@cavendish.global) – he will be available to answer any questions.

Sincerest regards, Ali.
Posted 22 April 2020
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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