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➡ The Queen will give a speech today, outlining Government's priorities for the months ahead 👑
➡ This happens once a year or after a General Election ❎
➡ Read from The House of Lords, The Queen sets out laws the Government wants Parliament to approve 🚦
➡ Expected: New planning laws aimed at increasing home ownership across the North and the Midlands 🏡
➡ To simplify process and make it harder for existing residents to block new housing schemes 🛑
➡ Country to be divided into “growth” or “protection” zones 🚧
➡ Automatic planning approval will be given to homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices in growth areas 🎟
➡ Development in protected areas will be restricted but not outlawed completely 🚫
➡ Other changes to include ‘use it or lose it’ deadline for developers accused of land banking 🏛
➡ A new first-time buying scheme is also to be trialled in Bolsover, Derbyshire that will offer discounts of 30% for buyers 💰

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Link to BBCs coverage of The Queen's Speech, here.


Posted 11 May 2021
by Ali Baylav Managing Director Cavendish Residential

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